Friday, May 08, 2009

Meeting My "Other" Daughter

Have you ever decided to Google your own name just for the fun of it?

I've always been afraid to do it for fear of what I would discover.

But my oldest daughter, Annie, did it last fall.

Turns out there was another girl named Annie Parsons. She has a wonderful blog. They started trading e-mails. The other Annie wrote a beautiful letter to my Annie. They became good friends online.

But the best part is that the other Annie lives in Nashville. Last week we got to meet her.

A.P. (which is the nickname we gave to the other Annie to keep track of who's who - she calls our daugher Little A. P.) calls our Annie her Muppet Baby.

A.P. is one of the sweetest young women I have ever met. As we were saying good-bye after a lovely dinner, I told her that I felt like I had met my "other" daughter.

I hope my girls grow up to be as sweet and caring as A.P.

It was a real joy to finally get to meet her. We'll get to hang out again when we go back to Nashville in the fall. It will be a blast.

Girls with AP

A.P. (center) flanked by my daughters Katie and Annie (otherwise known as Little A.P.)

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Barbara said...

Just jumped over to your 'other daughter's blog'....she has a beautiful voice!

I know your daughter was exciting to meet and become friends with this young woman that shares her name.