Favorite Eats

Whenever we travel, we always make it a point to check out local places to eat. We're a family of foodies so if there's good eats involved you can sign us up. As we've travelled different places we've collected an assortment of places that are our places not to be missed. On this page, you'll find our collection of favorite places to eat.

Blue Collar Joe's - Daleville, Virginia
A converted gas station may seem like an unlikely place to find a doughnut bakery. But this is one of the best doughnuts you'll find. It's also without a doubt the most unique choices of flavors you can find.

Provence Breads and Cafe - Nashville, TN
A true highlight of a visit to Music City. A local artisan bakery specializing is wonderful breads and pastries.

Three Li'l Pigs Barbecue - Daleville, VA
One of the best places around to find North Carolina style barbecue.

Sambo's Tavern - Leipsic, DE
An out of the way tavern is home to some of the freshest and tastiest seafood you're likely to sample.