Friday, November 26, 2021

Weekend Links 11-26-21

It's a holiday weekend edition of the links. Enjoy these articles while relaxing this weekend. 

Before he became famous for creating Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne wrote a murder mystery. An appreciation of his one any only mystery novel, The Red House Mystery.

While we are on the subject of mysteries, here is a list of the 101 best mysteries of all time. The interesting thing about this list is that only one novel is allowed per author which makes for a much more fascinating list. 

Mystery solved: why Josephine Tey didn't join the Detection Club. Hint: it was not for a lack of an invitation.

A couple of Peanuts related items. First, how a particular decade was the strip's best decade and helped define the characters for the ages. 

Next, Ann Patchett on how Snoopy inspired her to become a writer

The second season of Snoopy in Space has just premiered on Apple + and our favorite beagle is also really being launched into space. 

How Agatha Christie pursued her love for archaeology while in the Middle East. 

Ranking the 20 best film noirs. There are a lot of great films on this list. 

A cult classic television show is set to get a big screen reboot. I am really excited to see how this turns out. 

Fifty years since D. B. Cooper's infamous hijacking the case remains unsolved. But for some, the search for clues continues. 

Ranking the best Calvin and Hobbes anthologies. Any of these would be worth picking up. 

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