Thursday, June 09, 2005

DVD Review: Veil of Deception

Recently I had the opportunity to view Veil of Deception: The Impact of Same Sex Marriage on American Youth. The DVD is produced by Mission: America which is a ministry dedicated to educating Christians on the dangers of homosexual activism and their attempts to destroy the biblical foundations of our country. The purpose of the documentary is to show how acceptance of homosexual marriage will lead to the destruction of families and our youth.

The film does an excellent job of showing how various homosexual advocacy groups have managed to infiltrate public schools by the establishment of Gay/Straight Alliance chapters and other clubs that promote homosexuality among middle and high school students. It also shows how groups such as the ACLU have allied themselves with homosexual groups in order to force school systems into not only allowing such groups on school campuses but force them to provide tolerance education. School systems that have dared to resist such programs face the ACLU's wrath through litigation.

The film also brings to light the involvement of the NEA in advocating homosexual education in public schools and documents the story of one delegate who when she raised concerns about the NEA's activities was chastised for objecting to their involvement. Although the NEA does not specifically come out and endorse homosexual behavior, they do endorse tolerance education such as their National Bullying Awareness Campaign that promotes programs that theoretically operate under the guise of promoting safety of students but end up allowing homosexual advocates to use these programs as a way to promote their agenda.

The film even documents how some cities are allowing public funds to be used for the establishment of homosexual youth centers where homosexual teens can go and engage in all sorts of homosexual behavior with government approval. The filmmakers specifically site the city of San Diego's homosexual youth center as an example.

Although the filmmakers correctly assert that acceptance of homosexual marriage will ultimately destroy families and lead to wider acceptance of homosexual behaviors as normal, they offer little in the way of statistics or other research data to backup their assertions. As a result, the film is unlikely to persuade those who do not already have strong objections to homosexual marriage that it is as grave a threat as the filmmakers portray it. However, the film does a very good job of educating concerned parents of the tactics used to push the homosexual agenda particularly within the public schools. As a result, this film is probably of more value as an educational resource to parents and teachers who are concerned about homosexual advocacy in public schools and promotion of homosexual "rights" by government officials.

This DVD was provided to me by Mind and Media through Mission: America. No other consideration was received for this review apart from the DVD.

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