Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

The photo above was suggested as the photo of the day by The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez. It's a fitting reminder of what Memorial Day is all about. Here's the story behind the photo from The Tennessean:

MURFREESBORO —Heather Southward Golczynski pulled six more letters out of
her mailbox Tuesday, sent from across the nation by people touched by her
husband's sacrifice and her son's courage.

Her husband, Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus "Marc" Golczynski, was killed in Iraq on March 27. At his funeral in April, Daily News Journal photographer Aaron Thompson captured Marc Golczynski's teary-eyed son, 8-year-old Christian, accepting a U.S. flag from his father's casket.

It was a picture of a moment that moved many Americans and stirred national
interest in the Golczynskis' story.

"I see all of Marc's heart in him. I'm proud he stood up," Heather Golczynski said of the now-famous photograph. "Even in the absolute sadness of it all, he was a brave kid — he has the heart of his daddy."

For a month, well-wishers have sent condolence letters, blankets and stuffed animals to Marc's family. Others, many of whom the Golczynskis have never met, have set up trust funds and scholarships for Christian, who will grow up without a father.

Heather Golczynski, who lives in Maryland, will add the most recent stack of heartfelt mail to an expanding pile of more than 400 cards and letters, most of which tell young Christian how strong and courageous he is. "I'm in awe of the public's generosity," she said in an interview.

For Christian, the comments are bittersweet. "It makes him proud and he'll smile. But he still cries," Heather Golczynski said. "He's still looking for a new normal — normal doesn't exist for us anymore."

Marc's father, Henry Golczynski, also is struggling to put his son's death behind him. Henry and his wife, Fay, who live in Murfreesboro, still receive sympathy cards and letters almost daily.

"That picture portrays a very brave young man," Henry Golczynski said.

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