Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Barack Obama's Church Problem Isn't Going Away

Over at The Point, Anne Morse takes a look at Mark Steyn's latest column and then offers an astute observation about why Barack Obama's failure to either confront Reverend Wright over comments the Senator found disturbing or ultimately leave the church will continue to plague him as the campaign wears on:

I can tell you as a life-long believer---ignoring even one instance of craziness from the pulpit is not normal Protestant behavior. We're too concerned with the truth--or at least, what we believe to be the truth. That's why we Protestants have about 9 million denominations: A minister said something we thought was nuts, and so off we went to start a new church.

That Obama did none of the above--and that he seems to have trouble ever
admitting he was wrong about anything--is troubling.


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