Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Takes - Weekend Edition

Been on the road all week and back home for a brief breather before hitting the road again on Sunday. It's been a little bit of a crazy month so far but still managed to round up a few links for weekend reading enjoyment:

Change the world? He's not referring to the Eric Clapton song. Every time I see a story like this I see shades of Nicolae Carpathia...and I'm not alone!

Has Joe the Plumber become Obama's macaca moment? Sure seems that way given how the press has gone after the guy. Senator McCain, however, shows a little class. And another Joe the Plumber weighs in.

Good move: Glenn Beck joins Fox News.

Doing the math on the Obama tax cut plan. It just doesn't add up.

From the "Stating the Obvious" Department: Evangelicals not represented in newsrooms.

What we can believe is that the change that could be coming is not what we want to see.

More evidence of elitism.

Pausing for a few laughs. Be sure to watch the video.

Have a great weekend.

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