Friday, March 16, 2018

Weekend Links 3-16-18

A roundup of interesting stuff I ran across this week:

Last weekend marked the premiere of the film version of A Wrinkle in Time. Fans of the novel have been alarmed that removal of the faith elements from the novel are going to dilute the story. Plus here's seven things to know about the novel and its author.

Fifty years ago this week, Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered. The amazing ways the film foretold the future.

Matt Chandler delivers a powerful message on biblical masculinity and its absence in our culture is at the heart of the brokenness we see today.

P. G. Wodehouse was one of the most prolific writers of all time. Here are nine of his lesser known books that are worth reading.

Productivity tip: How to Send Insights to Your Future Self.

In this brief video, Karen Swallow Prior explains why Christians should be readers.

The easy response to the news is to tune out. The much more difficult (and possibly better response) is to carefully tune in.

I love the fact that Food and Wine magazine chose a local burger chain as the nation's best. It is really good. Well worth the visit if you're ever in the neighborhood.

This is a fascinating article: How a book warehouse is changing Columbia University's Library.

I've never seen a play like this before. I am not sure how he pulled it off.

This is a fantastic idea.

Video of the week - Nutella: The Miracle of World War II. (Hat tip: Tim Challies)

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