Friday, April 20, 2018

Weekend Links 4-20-18

A weekly roundup of interesting stuff from the Internet:

The old adage is that you never leave a baseball game early. Never. Last Saturday, the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves proved this adage to be true in one of the strangest innings of a baseball game ever. I was watching this game live and still cannot believe the way it turned out. I have never seen anything like it.

C.S. Lewis is known as one of the greatest Christian writers of all time. Many forget that he was once an avowed atheist. His experiences in the trenches during World War I changed his life forever. 

Adventures in etymology: Why are bananas, nuts, and crackers the only foods that say "crazy"?

How a notorious art heist led to the discovery of six fake Mona Lisas.

English isn't logical and that's a good thing.

How Schoolhouse Rock became the "Jingle of a Generation". (hat tip Witnify)

Five ways to recover the lost art of note taking.

Five years ago, Brad Meltzer put out a plea on social media for a kidney donor to help save his beloved history teacher. He then rewarded the donor by making her a major character in his latest novel.

Could a move towards localism help heal our political divide? It's certainly a good place to start.

Myrtle Beach is known as a great place for a golf vacation. But it also happens to be the self-proclaimed mini-golf capital of the world. 

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