Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Christian Carnival LXXIV

I'm honored to have the opportunity to host this week's Christian Carnival. Thanks to everyone who submitted posts to this week's Carnival. There are a wide range of subjects covered this week and plenty of great blogs to check out. Special thanks to Dory at Wittenberg Gate for allowing me to host the Carnival. Here are this week's Carnival submissions:

Adrian Warnock is calling all Christian bloggers and is compiling a comprehensive list of Christian blogs. He's already got nearly 3000 blogs on his list. He also hints at some exciting news in the Blogdom of God that is coming soon.

Cindy Swanson at Notes in the Key of Life interviews Christian author Lisa Samson, whose new book, "Club Sandwich," deals with the struggles of caring for aging parents while still raising your own children. Lisa handles the topic with humor, charm and grace.

reasons why takes a look at Isaiah 30 to see if there is guidance for hearing God's voice. Does God have an individual will for believers or does he lead by subjective inner impressions?

Jeremy Pierce at Parableman presents Stones Kids Cry Out which compares Jesus's statement about stones crying out with the singing of children about God when they have no idea what they're singing.

World of Sven has a study of Mark 2:13-17 which looks at why Jesus ate with sinners and outcasts. How might this reshape our ideas about God's attitude to sinners and how we are to live holy lives?

Sierra Faith says that if you visit Africa, visit a church — a church that is alive with The Hope that transforms and has defeated Evil.

How can the church effectively reach our post-modern culture? The Regulator deals with this question in Regaining Our Virtue in Post-modern Times.

PlaidBerry also has some thoughts about Postmodernism in Postmodern Medicine - Take Two.

faithCommons asks By What Authority? which he contends is the most consequential yet unimportant question ever asked of, or by believers.

Oh, How I Love Jesus has a post entitled Two Words that is a testimony of faith in the face of an employer who was and may still be an unbeliever.

Between Sundays writes about Preparations, which deals with both spiritual preparations and little things like having clean socks.

There's nothing like a good story. In the Musings of Micah Girl, Micah thinks about the making of a good story while discussing everyone from Garrison Keillor to Jan Karon and everything from ministry to homeschooling in her post, The Power of Story.

Moral Relavitism: Protestant and Catholic Perspectives is a conversation concerning moral relativism from differing perspecitves, including a Protestant viewpoint by Monk of Vita ab Alto and a Catholic viewpoint by Joe at DeoOmnis Gloria .

Diane at Crossroads says that many in the post-modern generation believe denominationalism is a thing of the past. But are they perhaps missing an important point about denominations?

Hammertime at Team Hammer's Musings tackles the issue of Biblical Inerrancy and has some very thoughtful analysis on this subject.

Richard of dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos traces the early history of the growth of Christianity in a new series starting with a post entitled Success in the Cities.

Incarnatus est writes that authentic Christianity means being part of a church in his post entitled Just me and Jesus? Being "saved" is not an individual matter but involves being part of a community of believers.

Rev-Ed at Attention Span says we are rich but we want more. In life. In church. In everything. We ignore the fact that we're spoiled rotten.

Matthew Anderson at Mere-Orthodoxy wrestles with evolutionary theory and intelligent design in a post entitled Evolutionary Theory Confusions.

Bruce at sprucegoose has a review of a new book entitled "The Barbarian Way" which he says challenges us to live passionately from from our hearts and less from our minds.

Lance at Ragged Edges continues his series on how faith and work intersect in God at Work (Part 2). He looks at Jesus' miracle of feeding the 5000 and draws out five actions that success requires.

Hannah Im wonders whether the Parable of the Good American would be anything like the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Jay at DeoOmnisGloria looks at why Protestants and Catholics have different Bibles.

Hornswoggled has news that a Jesus Seminar II is being planned by pastors of some of the largest churches in America.

Dr. Bob of The Doctor Is In marks his one year blogging aniversary with a reflective post entitled One Year Ago. He has some fascinating observations on blogging that I can identify with.

Gladmanly reflects on Paul's Apostleship from Romans 1:1-7 and how it relates to recent events where he is serving in Iraq.

Douglas Bass, who blogs at Apprehension, has been reflecting on the prayer of St. John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests.

Robin at I Was Just Thinking... says it shouldn't be a mystery as to whether someone is a Christian. It should be apparent by looking at how they live their life.

Tim at Callmeteem has some advice for fellow preachers in a post entitled Humility and the preacher.

Katy at Fallible thinks that men haven't changed much since the days of Abraham (and she may be right, too).

Martin at Sun and Shield admits he's hooked on Free Cell but still manages to find some life lessons in his addiction.

Phil at Another Man's Meat reflects on his personal experience with the welfare state and believes he has found the antidote: freedom.

A Pentitent Blogger wrestles with the issue of giving in a thoughtful post entitled Preaching for Dollars.

Technogypsy asks whatever happened to the Christian sin of usury?

Respectful Insolence responds to a 14 year-old commenter on a recent post of his regarding Frank Peretti and Evolution.

Beneath the Dirty Hood has submitted a list of 15 ways to get depressed. Make sure to read #15 carefully (including all the links).

A Nutt's View takes a fresh look at the Shield of Faith and offers some interesting insights I hadn't noticed before.

Wallo World has a fascinating short story on good people and heaven entitled "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".

A Physicist's Perspective gives an exhortation from Psalm 119 on how we ought to study theology -- not just for intellectual improvement, but so that we may believe and obey God's Word.

Better Bibles Blog reflects on the life of Dr. Kenneth Taylor, the man behind The Living Bible, who passed away this past week.

Dadmanly shares his struggles with despair and sadness and how God used them to set up a divine appointment for him in a post entitled "It is Well With My Soul".

Kim from Sharing Spirit writes in The Secret of Life is Death that by dying to our self and being crucified with Christ, that is when we really begin to live.

The Northern 'Burbs Blog kicks off a series on the Biblical view of the enviroment in A Green Bible - For Real.

Ales Rarus reports on the fisking of a Washington Post article about so-called "non-controversial" human embryonic stem cells.

In a post that deviates from her usual style, Paula at Listen In offers a piece called "Cookie Monster." The story, about a struggling Christian, is short and simple. Its message is not.

Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath presents Plumbing the Carnival Crowd for Ethical Advice. Let's see if we can offer him some help with a sticky situation. the Outer... has a re-examination of the story of Mary and Martha. Traditionally, the story juxtaposes serving with listening to Jesus. He suggests an alternative view.

all kinds of time... has some food for thought, a brief review of the constant usage of food in the Bible, and how we should be using it today as well.

notes from the front lines shares how a youth baseball league coach's innocent e-mail teaches a father a valuable lesson about God's love in "I Think We Can Come Back".

Author JD Wetterling’s new blog, Midweekly Reality Check responds to a recent guest column in The Wall Street Journal entitled, “It’s Hard to Be Easy,” that asserts “there is no real escape…the simple life [is] a myth.” JD refutes that by quoting Christ: “…my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” and demonstrates it in his own life: “It’s Not Hard to Be Easy”.

At Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels, a post entitled Welcoming the Frenzied, notes that we are surrounded by crowds of people who are "harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." Our call is to welcome them, as Jesus welcomes us. The piece also contains three practical suggestions on how we can do that.

Viewpoint undertakes a deconstruction of a column by Reverend Dr. N. Graham Standish in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and reveals the widened cultural divide between the left and right following the last election.

Derek Gilbert of Weapon of Mass Distraction shares his experiences in talk radio in a post entitled UFOs: New Spin, Old Idea.

Horn+Swoggled takes another humorous look at American Christianity -- and where it's going bizarrely off-track in a post entitled Dating Site Takes Parable of the Sower Seriously.

Thanks again to everyone for the great submissions. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as your host for this week. Next week's Carnival will be hosted by In the Spirit of grace.

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