Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Baseball Fever Hits Washington, D. C.

Forget politics. Baseball is now king in Washington, D. C. with both the Washington Nationals (formerly Montreal Expos) and Baltimore Orioles atop their respective divisions.

Personally, I think moving the Expos to Washington was a brilliant move for baseball. The Metro D. C. area is more than capable of having two teams in close proximity to one another. Just imagine how interleague play will be with the Nationals and the Orioles facing each other?

Baseball's return to Washington has even caused non-sports writers such as Cal Thomas and Charles Krauthammer to return to the ballpark and pledge their allegiance to the Nats.

As Harry Caray was once said "Who'd of thunk it?" Let's hope the Nats continue to do well. It can only mean great things for baseball.

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