Saturday, April 02, 2005

Looking Forward to Opening Day

Monday marks Opening Day for Major League Baseball (yes, I know there is a game on ESPN2 tomorrow night but the Cubs don't start playing until Monday with most of the other teams) and I'm excited for the season to begin. Richard Kennedy from The Claremont Institute has a terrific essay entitled "Where the Game Is Played" that takes a look at one of the factors that makes baseball unique among sports: the ballparks. (Hat tip: Powerline)

I've been fortunate enough to visit five major league parks thus far (although 2 are gone): Memorial Stadium in Baltimore (gone), Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta (gone), Busch Stadium in St. Louis (a very intimate park despite it's cookie-cutter design), Comiskey Park in Chicago (now known as U. S. Cellular Field), and, of course, Wrigley Field in Chicago (my favorite).

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