Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quick Takes

I'll be heading out of town for the weekend shortly so I thought I would post another assortment of worthwhile links for your reading pleasure.

Aaron attempts to answer 10 Questions Your Pastor Can't Answer.

For a quick Narnia fix, check out the official website. The movie section has a lot of great information including the teaser trailer and behind-the-scenes videos.

Neil Cavuto goes on a rant against Congressmen who were complaining about yesterday's emergency evacuation when an airplane strayed into restricted airspace over Washington, D.C. It's priceless. Caution: contains profanity. (Hat tip: The Anchoress)

Patriot Petitions is sponsoring an online petition to end judicial filibusters.

Jim over at Stones Cry Out has the latest on liberals' assault on Christians at the Air Force Academy.

Major League Baseball has started blogging. Two of the more intriguing options are from Tommy Lasorda and Brooks Robinson.

Speaking of baseball, one of the questions floating around the Cubs these days is whether Kerry Wood should be moved to the bullpen since he has had so many shoulder problems. I wouldn't be surprised a bit, especially given the success John Smoltz had for the Atlanta Braves as a closer.

One of the questions I always hear from folks about homeschooling is what to do about socialization of the children. The Headmistress has the answers and some great advice. (Hat tip: Wittingshire)

And please check out my latest essay entitled "The Micah Mandate" over at Two or

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