Friday, November 07, 2008

Sliming Sarah Palin

So now McCain staffers are going around making all sorts of allegations about how Governor Palin essentially sabotaged the campaign. You can read the article for yourself if you want to as it is just one example of the garbage that is being circulated by the media (and I'm being polite).

None of these staffers are mentioned by name which means the media can perform one last hit job on the Governor using people that don't have the guts to come forward with their allegations and engage in character assasination.

Michelle Malkin calls out these sleazy people for what they are and has set up a petition that you can sign and include a message to the Governor. Here is what I wrote:

Thank you, Governor for your willingness to serve your country. You have inspired my daughters to dream big dreams and they admire the way that you handled yourself during this campaign. There is no question that you have been unfairly attacked not only by the media but by people within your own campaign that are supposed to be helping you win an election. It's a shame that they don't have the guts to come forward and identify themselves. You did everything you could to help Senator McCain win and there is no doubt that if you hadn't been on the ticket he would not have done as well as he did on election day.

Our family will be praying for you and your family. Thank you again for your service.

Red State is going to be investigating to find out who is behind this nonsense. These people need to be called out.

UPDATE: Via Hot Air, CNN's Campbell Brown gets it right. The staffers are the ones who are at fault, not Governor Palin.

UPDATE #2: Red State is now posting this petition to help show your support and to sign up for updates on their work to root out the leakers.

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