Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Tweet Recap

It's Friday and it means that it's time for another recap of items that I tweeted recently that caught my attention. Enjoy the links!

Have you ever wondered whether to accept a LinkedIn invitation from someone? Here's some good advice on deciding whether to accept or decline.

If you are like me and work online then e-mail can be your worst enemy. Here are some tips on how to manage your e-mail.

First he was a rock and roll musician. Then he became a hero.

My daughter (who is an aspiring writer) shared the four worst pieces of advice for young writers.

How baseball saved a relationship between a father and son.

The original outfield obstruction.

The Home Run Derby is a fixture at baseball's annual All Star Game festivities. But it was a television show first.

Here are nine traditions that have been lost from baseball.

You don't see this every day: a bunt double.

It's the dream of every blogger to have a post go viral. Here's how one blogger did it without even really trying.

Outfitted and equipped for working at a coffee shop.

Ten really cool lifehacks from 100 years ago.

39 Hidden Mickeys found in Disney animated movies.

This movie looks like it will be really good: Saving Mr. Banks.

10 fabulous pieces of Shakespeare swag.

Can't make it to Monticello? Now you can visit it via Google Street View.

Yesterday was Independence Day. Here are reflections on two great speeches from Abraham Lincoln and Lou Gehrig (yes, there is a connection). Bonus: here's a color photo of Gehrig from that speech.

Young George Washington's experience one July 4th went on to shape our quest for independence.

How to apply the craftsman's work ethic to our everyday lives.

Dumb criminal alert: robber fails to get money from convenience store clerk and the wanders off to the Mug Shot Saloon for a drink (you can't make this stuff up).

One of the most overlooked amendments to the Constitution is the Third which prohibits the quartering of soldiers in citizens' homes during peacetime. This was a common problem in Colonial America especially in Boston. So it doesn't normally come up in the normal course of litigation. However, one homeowner decided to assert his Third Amendment rights against the police who wanted to use his home for a stakeout. It will be interesting to see whether the court agrees with the homeowner's argument.

Whatever you might think of his policies or his time as President you would have to agree that George W. Bush is a decent person. One of his big priorities while he was president was helping the people of Africa. It still is as can be seen from these photos of his recent trip there to do relief work. More photos here.

The cheeseburger is certainly an All American dish but who knew that each state had it's own unique burger?

Speaking of food, I'm all for trying to get a free meal but this is insane (and somehow incredibly cute at the same time).

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend!

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