Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who to Follow on Twitter - Let's Eat!

I love to eat and so consequently I'm interested in posts about food. My wife and I love to search out new recipes to try so we try to accumulate some reliable sites where we can find fun things to try. The fact that we are now following a grain-free diet makes it a little more of a challenge but thankfully I've found some great folks to follow on Twitter to help.

Alton Brown (@altonbrown)

The Food Network star was reportedly reluctant to start tweeting but fans naturally flocked to his feed. They certainly haven't been disappointed. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that he doesn't tweet like other folks. He writes his answers out on Post-It notes and then tweets the photos. My favorite thing to see is when he answers fans' questions about food.

Serious Eats (@seriouseats)

Another great feed to follow for those serious about food. A nice mix of recipes, cooking tips and dining suggestions.

Nom Nom Paleo (@nomnompaleo)

Going grain free is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, our diet is a cross between a paleo diet and a grain-free/starch-free diet. Learning how to modify recipes to make them fit those parameters means finding some good resources. Michelle Tam is one of the best paleo chefs on the web and her blog is a lot of fun. She frequently posts new recipes as well as links to other paleo chefs in her feed. She's definitely worth following if you're toying with the idea of going on a paleo diet. Her cookbook Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans will be published in December.

Cavegirl Cuisine (@CavegirlCuisine)

Another of my recommended paleo bloggers, she offers a variety of recipes and is also frequently delving into dairy-free options (another real plus for my diet). She also posts lots of pictures of dishes which is a real help in figuring out how these recipes should turn out.

Against All Grain (@againstallgrain)

Danielle Walker not only cooks paleo dishes but also deals with an autoimmune disorder which requires her to cook gluten free as well. This is another of my favorite recipe sites to go to for suggestions on what to cook. She has an extensive recipe index broken down by meal type which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Her cookbook Against All Grain publishes on July 30.

Elana's Pantry (@elanaspantry)

When we first started researching the whole paleo and grain-free diet thing Elana Amsterdam was one of the first bloggers we found. It's because of her that we have found ways to have baked goods in our house that were still grain free. She was also the person that introduced us to the wonders of almond flour and the best place to find it. Her latest cookbook is Paleo Cooking from Elana's Pantry.

Food Riot (@FoodRiot)

Their Twitter tag line is "Play With Your Food". That sums up what this site is all about. It's the place to go for the latest in food news. They also feature links to fun recipes.

Cooking for Bros (@cookingforbros)

It's a bit of a misconception that guys can't cook. Plenty of them can. However, for some men cooking can be a little overwhelming at first. The concept behind Cooking for Bros is to provide easy, delicious recipes that anyone can prepare. Most recipes only involve five ingredients which makes preparation easy. They also offer great tips on how to do different things in the kitchen that any novice cook will find informative. Their cookbook is available both in paperback and as a PDF download.

Taste of the Town (@Taste_The_Town)

Todd Blackledge has a great job. He gets to highlight the best eats in college football towns across the country on ESPN. His feed is a great one to follow if you're looking for great places to eat when you're travelling. Plus fans are constantly offering new suggestions that are worth checking out. His book will be published on September 3rd.

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