Friday, August 30, 2013

Daily Links 8-30-13

Happy Firiday! Here are some links of interest to lead into the weekend:


Ranking the 21 best Jane Austen films of all time. I haven't seen all of these films but I would say I pretty much agree with the way these were ranked.


10 Things Christians Should Know About Islam. This is a good quick reference on Islam for those who are not familiar with what Islam is all about.


Sign me up: The Bacon Weave Breakfast Taco. (hat tip Neatorama)


Working Harder and Smarter: What Ashton Kutcher and Mike Rowe Have to Teach Us

So as Kutcher and Rowe urge, in the words of the latter, "work smart and hard." But as Kutcher's final point in his acceptance speech makes clear, our work needs to be oriented toward something larger. Kutcher encourages his audience to dream big, to work hard and smart "to build a life" characterized by meaning and significance. Lester DeKoster says there is a deep relationship between the meaning of our lives and our labor, since work is "a glorious opportunity to serve God and our neighbors by participating in God’s creative work through cultivation of the creation order." Work is a channel of preserving, common grace, intended by God to be the primary avenue for meeting our material needs and social life.
If younger generations faced by dour prospects in the marketplace would take the wisdom of Ashton Kutcher and Mike Rowe to heart, the prospects for a flourishing culture and economy would be much brighter. This would mean that there would be a greater recognition of the cultural and economic contributions realized through vocational training, through mentorships, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurs. Rowe, for instance, talks about "hundreds of men and women who loved their jobs and worked their butts off: welders, mechanics, electricians, plumbers. I’ve met them in every state, and seen firsthand a pride of workmanship that simply doesn’t exist in most 'cleaner' industries."


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