Monday, February 24, 2014

Daily Links 2-24-14

Here are a few links to help get your week off to the right start. In today's edition: Calvinism is popular but not sexy, a lesson in work ethics, who can baptize, and more.


"Calvinism is not sexy". An interesting observation on the rise of Calvinism in popularity among churches:

I feel like I am fairly well connected and have a decent read on what is happening today. And when I poke around blogs, twitter, books and sermons I think I see something disturbing happening. Let’s remember our context. In the contemporary church history calendar this chapter of Calvinism’s Resurgence was being foreshadowed during the previous chapter. You remember that chapter don’t you? It was the time of pragmatic, seeker-sensitive, church-growth ecclesiology. It is still here today but not as much as in our previous chapter. My read is that some (many) people have jumped on the Calvinism bandwagon because it is popular rather than because they believe it is necessarily biblical. In other words, they seem to be “on the team” based on pragmatism not theology. How else can you explain career pastoral pragmatists sporting their “Jonathan Edwards is my Homeboy” t-shirts? Yes Calvinism is indeed strangely popular today.


Timeless advice from C. H. Spurgeon on how to read the Bible.


Lessons in work ethics from Mike Rowe.


One of my favorite cities is Chicago. Here's a fun list of 25 facts you probably didn't know about the city.


This is an issue I hadn't given much thought: who can baptize? Usually the question is who can be baptized but I found this article interesting. (Hat tip: Aaron Armstrong)


Some fun facts you may not know about Mel Brooks.

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