Thursday, February 06, 2014

Daily Links 2-6-14

In today's links: was a Christian film a victim of bias, how to become a professional author, how Christians should engage culture without falling into the fundamentalist trap, and more.


I previously noted that Alone Yet Not Alone was honored with an Oscar nomination for best song. But not long after the film was honored the Academy decided to rescind the nomination based on the efforts by the song's producer to lobby Academy members for votes. But his behavior does not seem to be all that different from many other producers. This begs the question whether the film was really victim of some anti-Christian bias in Hollywood.

Related: the producer of Schindler's List says the Oscars are bigoted. Perhaps there is something there after all.


There's been an ongoing discussion in evangelical circles about how to properly engage the culture and how much we can safely engage before running the risk of sin. Now, Aaron Earls weighs in with some further observations as well as a word of caution for all concerned.


A good read from Relevant Magazine: the most damaging attitude in our churches.


Seven ways to judge the effectiveness of your church. Notice that none of these are how many people show up for Sunday morning services.


Some advice on becoming a professional author from Dave Barry. Hilarious.


Loads of surprises to be found in these special edition LEGO sets. Fun stuff.


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