Friday, December 10, 2004

Random Thoughts

Just a few random things for the weekend:

I've been on the lookout for good blogs to make a habit of reading on a regular basis. Most everything I try to read daily is in my blogroll. Mommypundit is my wife's blog and Sistersophist is my sister-in-law's blog. The rest are blogs that either I've found or folks that have linked to me. I tried surfing BlogExplosion (also a way to shamelessly increase blog traffic) but haven't really found much that has been interesting. Plus, the quality of content is inconsistent (you have limited control over whether objectionable material will be displayed). I think I've pretty much convinced myself it's not worth spending any more time surfing the member blogs.

The best referrals I've seen are from folks that I'm already reading. Tod Bolsinger has linked to a very interesting blog called Welcome to Witting Shire. This looks like it's going to be a blog worth reading on a regular basis. They are also a homeschooling family!

LaShawn Barber weighed in with her list of her favorite blogs. Her endorsement of Scrappleface convinced me that I needed to start reading it regularly (I can always use a good laugh).

Another great discovery in the past couple of weeks is that Tony Snow from Fox News has his own blog. His radio show is also being streamed online daily. Check out his latest post entitled Enter the Theophobes.

I also had a tip this week from Considerettes (brother-in-law of The Rooftop Blog) to check out the Homespun Blogs. I haven't had a chance to weigh in on their weekly symposium but I'll keep reading and may consider joining them at some point. Incidentally, this post provides even more evidence (as if there needed to be more) that government schools are being run by theophobes.

Thanks to The Rooftop Blog for mentioning the John Stott post in his weekly wrap-up.

Sidesspot took issue with my allegiance to the Chicago Cubs in my previous post. Hopefully he will be willing to overlook that lapse in judgement. All I can say in my defense is I was young and foolish when I became a fan. It was also 1989, the last time they won a division championship, when I began to follow them. I was working nights and so the only baseball I would get to see was the Cubs. It wasn't until I started doing my homework that I realized what miserable failures they had been over the course of the team history. But by that point it was too late to turn back. By the way, The Cub Reporter has an excellent analysis of their outfield situation for 2005. I don't expect Sammy Sosa to be traded, either.


Quote of the week from Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post on the steroid issue in baseball:
Baseball never addresses any problem until the sport is cornered by a screaming mob and can't find a way to escape doing the obvious.

Read the whole column here (free registration required). It's time that Major League Baseball dealt with this issue.


I hadn't weighed in on the whole Target-Salvation Army controversy, but when I saw this article I knew that I was right not to shop at Target. Actually, I did go into Target the other night but I didn't buy anything. It didn't appear to be very busy compared to last year. Hopefully that means that they are losing business and will come to their senses. Meanwhile, I've probably put more money in the red bucket this year than at any other time. I know exactly which stores in town allow Salvation Army volunteers to ring the bell at their front door. I've been going to those stores more frequently. Anyone see a lesson here for Target?


I wonder if Fred Barnes would be in favor of a playoff in college football? Isn't it about time? (Hat tip: Matt Crash!)


Finally, my best "new" musical find: Nickel Creek. Okay, I know they've been around for a while but they are new to me. That counts, doesn't it?

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