Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who is John Stott?

Mark D. Roberts has posted today on one of the most influential yet least known evangelical Christians: John Stott. Dr. Stott was mentioned yesterday in a New York Times column by David Brooks (free registration required). I agree with Brooks' conclusion that if you were to look for someone who could speak about religion in public life Dr. Stott would be an excellent choice.

Joe Carter over at The Evangelical Outpost has posted a biographical sketch of Dr. Stott in his ongoing series Know Your Evangelicals.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Stott in November of 1986 when he came to lecture at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when I was a student. I had already become familiar with him through books such as Basic Christianity. When I met him I knew I was standing in the presence of a spiritual giant yet someone who was incredibly humble and very personable.

As I dug through my journals today from my college years (yes, I still have them) I ran across the notes I had taken from his lectures.

In the next couple of posts I'll share my notes from those lectures. Rereading them reminded me how powerful they were when I first heard them. They are worth looking at again.

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