Monday, October 17, 2005

Breaking the Curse.....Again?

Last year the Boston Red Sox broke their World Series drought with a victory in the Fall Classic against the Cardinals. Now it's the Chicago White Sox turn to break the curse as they clinched a spot in the Fall Classic with a terrific win last night over the Anaheim Angels. Following a series opening loss, the White Sox managed to get four complete games from their starters en route to a 4-1 ALCS victory. It marks the first time since 1959 the Sox have made it to the Series and they haven't won since 1917 (they would have most likely won the 1919 series if it hadn't been for the Black Sox who intentionally threw the Series).

While the NLCS still remains to be decided (Houston can clinch tonight with a victory over St. Louis), the Sox look like they are going to be tough to beat. As much as I hate to say it (and you know as a Cubs fan, I do) this may be the year for the Sox.

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