Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Next Great Awakening?

The September/October issue of Rare Jewel Magazine features a number of stories on the Next Great Awakening. In other words, are we poised for another widespread revival in this country as we have seen in the past?

To get a better understanding of where we are as a country and where we are headed, it's helpful first to look at where we have been so far. Through the articles contained in this isue, they do a good job of laying the historical foundation of previous revivals and showing what factors were involved so that we can get a better sense of whether such a revival can occur again and what our role as individual believers might be in such a revival.

As with prior issues I have reviewed, Rare Jewel has proven why it is such a great tool for believers who want to be involved in the critical issues of our day. Though we can debate whether another Great Awakening can occur (and whether we should be seeking one), we can at least be prepared if it does by consulting this great magazine.

No consideration was provided to me for this review apart from the magazine.

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