Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review:The Happiest Life by Hugh Hewitt

What are the hallmarks of someone who is truly happy? How can you tell that someone has a happy life? More importantly, how can you achieve that same happiness in your own life?

These are all questions that radio talk show host and blogger Hugh Hewitt addresses in his latest book The Happiest Life which will be released on January 7th.

In the first half of the book, he focuses on the characteristics that exemplify someone who not only is happy themselves but is also concerned with increasing the happiness in others. Those gifts are encouragement, energy, enthusiasm, empathy, good humor, graciousness, and gratitude. Through a number of personal stories he provides concrete examples of individuals who personify each of these gifts.

In the second half, he turns his attention on the givers explaining how the gifts are incorporated into the lives of individuals as parents, spouses, teachers, family members, friends, co-workers, and even as churches.

As I was reading through the book I found the numerous anecdotes and personal experiences from over a decade in talk radio. No doubt Mr. Hewitt has had some amazing opportunities to converse with a broad range of fascinating individuals. As a keen observer of human behavior he has been able to use those experiences to draw out the lessons of the book.

But the most important point he makes is the one that is absolutely inescapable: true happiness cannot be achieved apart from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If Christ is dwelling within you than these gifts will naturally spring forth from you to those around you.

A life of significance is one that is lived for others rather than oneself. In The Happiest Life, Hugh Hewitt has not only shown us how this is possible but has given us numerous tangible examples of how that life is being lived by others. We would do well to learn the lessons from this book and commit to being the type of giver that he describes in this book. I heartily recommend The Happiest Life.

Note: An advance electronic copy of the book was made available by the publisher for this review. No consideration was received apart from the book in exchange for this review.

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