Thursday, December 26, 2013

Daily Links 12-26-13

In today's roundup of links: productivity tips from the book of Proverbs, things Christians should stop saying, being careful about what you share on the internet, and more.


This is interesting: a list of 22 productivity tips from the book of Proverbs. (Hat tip: Aaron Armstrong)

The Book of Proverbs has a lot to say about productivity. Not only does it teach us how we can be more productive, it teaches how we can be more biblically productive. 
Some of these principles you can find in secular productivity literature today. (Indeed, many of the proverbs can be found in secular ancient Near East literature, verbatim.) But seeing them in God-breathed Scripture reminds us to adopt those principles with a God-centered perspective. Other principles in the list don’t get as much ink or pixels in productivity books or blogs. Let us consider how to incorporate those in our mindset and our workflow, so that we can glorify God all the more in the work that we do. 


A list of five things that Christians should stop saying. I agree with every single one especially #1 and #3.


A warning to be careful about what we share on the internet:

It can happen to any of us. It does happen to almost all of us. 
We see a story online that shocks us and seems just true enough. 
Normally, we check things out before we share them, but this is so unbelievable we need to get the news out as soon as possible. 
We post it on Facebook or retweet it. Before we know it, others have shared the story.
Only then do we find out the truth – it was fake.

Some enterprising Arizona State University students have converted retired food trucks into bookmobiles. What a great idea. (Hat tip: Book Riot)


Why C. S. Lewis still matters fifty years after his death.


The delightful love letter from Mark Twain to his wife on the occasion of their sixth wedding anniversary.

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