Thursday, September 01, 2005

Magazine Review: The Old Schoolhouse

One of the great benefits of being a Mind and Media reviewer (and you can become one too) is not only the great free books but having the opportunity to review some great magazines as well. Recently, I received my first issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This is a valuable resource than homeschoolers will definitely want to receive.

The magazine is published quarterly and is chock full of great articles and resources for homeschoolers everywhere. In the Summer 2005 issue (which was the review issue I received) there was a great article on how homeschooling is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In addition, there were articles on dealing with special needs children, resources for reading diffculties, autism, and sign language; as well as a fascinating profile of a 10 year old art prodigy. Plus there are a number of other columns from homeschooling families across the country dealing with different topics of interest to home educators.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is like having a homeschool educator's conference delivered right to your door. If you are a homeschool family you will not want to pass up this valuable resource.

The magazine was provided to me by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine through an association with Mind and Media. They have supplied me with a one-year subscription to the magazine in exchange for my willingness to post my review of the magazine here and place their ad on my blog. No other consideration has been received for this review.

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