Thursday, September 08, 2005

Magazine Review: Rare Jewel Magazine

Recently I had the privilege aof receiving Rare Jewel Magazine which is a relatively new magazine designed to address major issues of the day in light of a Christian worldview. Each issue of the magazine focuses on a particular issue in the culture and provides a number of articles to help equip Christians in dealing with that particular issue.

The most recent issue (July/August 2005) of the magazine dealt with the issue of Creation and the numerous issues surrounding Creation as it has been presented in the culture. Articles included a report on fighting the ban of Creation teaching, a consideration of the Intelligent Design movement, the collapse of Evolution, and much more.

In each issue you will get insights into the central inssue from a number of different perspectives. There will be articles by pastors, leaders on the front lines, legal and cultural perspectives, and even recommended reading for further study on the central theme of the issue of the magazine.

Christians who want to learn more about how to apply the truth of Scripture to cultural issues should consider subscribing to Rare Jewel Magazine. You will receive a valuable tool that will help equip you for the battles of the day and prepare you to give an answer for the hope that lies within you (1 Peter 3:14-15).

Rare Jewel Magazine is published six times per year and is available by subscription. Single back-issues may also be ordered at this site. A free biweekly e-mail newsletter is also available by sending a blank e-mail to

This subscription was provided to me by Rare Jewel Magazine through Mind and Media. No other compensation apart from the magazine was received in exchange for this review.

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