Monday, September 19, 2005

Total Truth Happenings

As readers of this site know, one of the most challenging and informative books I have read recently is Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. A new edition of the book has just been published with an accompanying Study Guide. This will no doubt help the reader apply the truths that she examines throughout the book. It's also exciting to see that they have included a number of the endorsements from Mind and Media reviewers both in the new edition of the book and on the website. I was blown away to see my own blurb about the book appear both on the website and on page 3 of the book (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Ms. Pearcey has also just started a series of articles for Home School Enrichment Magazine on developing a Christian worldview. Ms. Pearcey was kind enough to quote me in her article in the September/October issue and had sent it to me prior to publication. Her article explains how we can equip our children with the tools necessary to develop a Christian worldview through homeschooling. If you get a chance, pick up the magazine and take a look at her article.

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