Friday, September 20, 2013

Daily Links 9-20-13

E-reader covers, Google services you're not using, Jackie Robinson, and more in today's links.


This is a really cool idea: e-reader covers designed to look like classic books.
You can find more of them here. Hat tip Book Riot


Everywhere you go on the internet it seems that Google has some type of service to offer. Here are five services that you have probably overlooked.


Barnabas Piper argues that the recent film 42 about baseball legend Jackie Robinson couldn't possibly capture what really made him great:

What made Jackie Robinson so great was precisely what made it so hard to capture his whole person on screen: his silence, stolidity, strength, and fortitude. He wasn’t a vocal activist in his playing days; he simply stood tall in the face of half a nation’s hatred and beat them at their own favorite game. Somehow Robinson managed this while bearing the hopes and expectations of millions of African-Americans on his shoulders. Actions speak louder than words, and Robinson was living proof of that. He changed America without saying a notable word.


Learn the secrets of the service industry and you will save yourself some time and money.


Turns out the Earl of Sandwich was quite the inventive fellow. Not only did create fast food with the sandwich but he gave birth to Starbucks, too. (Hat tip Food Riot)

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