Monday, September 23, 2013

Who To Follow On Twitter: Potpourri Edition

I've covered a number of different categories of Twitter feeds to follow in previous posts. Today, a roundup of other Twitter feeds that should not be missed.

Art of Manliness (@artofmanliness)

As their website explains, they are dedicated to the recovering the lost art of manliness. How does a gentleman become a gentleman? What are the skills that every man, husband, and father need to learn? This is where you will find the answers to these questions.

Honest Toddler (@HonestToddler)

Imagine how a three year-old would sound on Twitter and you get the idea behind this wonderful creation of writer Bunmi Laditan. This is a feed that frequently makes me laugh out loud. She also just wrote a book. This is one of the great bright spots on Twitter.

Mental Floss (@mental_floss)

The official feed of Mental Floss magazine is chock full of fun facts and links of interest. If you have an interest in trivial stuff then this is the feed for you.

Lifehacker (@lifehacker)

Lifehacker is an indispensable website full of shortcuts and tips to getting things done. If you ever need to know how to do something this is a good place to start. They are constantly sending out all sorts of tips and links to downloads and apps that will make life easier. 

Neatorama (@neatorama)
If your interests skew towards the geeky stuff (or the just plain unusual) this is another feed that you should certainly follow. Some of the most unusual and fascinating stuff can be found on the site. They also have one of the most fantastic collections of geeky fan gear in their web shop.

Acculturated (@Acculturated)

Pop culture permeates our culture but the big question is why? That's the question that Acculturated tries to answer each day by taking a critical look at pop culture and its influence on our culture as a whole. This is an excellent blog to follow and you can keep up with all the latest posts through their feed.

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