Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Daily Links 9-4-13

Identifying your calling/vocation, Amazon hates PowerPoint and writing effective e-mails are the topics in today's links.


Ten questions to help you identify your calling/vocation

Every Christian has a unique Calling/Vocation. But, how do we know what it is? Most people do not really understand how God uses them on in daily life and we do not spend much time trying to figure it out. We just go from one thing to the next and then begin to despise our work and spend our time trying to get to the weekend or holidays so we can enjoy ourselves again. But, there is purpose and dignity in our work at our jobs, as husbands/wives/fathers/mothers, in our church, and in our community. We all have a calling and a role to play in many spheres of life - wherever God places us.
This is interesting: Amazon's Jeff Bezos doesn't allow his employees to use PowerPoint:

More than a decade ago, it was estimated that 30 million PowerPoint presentations were given each day—the number must be much higher today. Just think of how many millions of hours are spent every day sitting through truly terrible PowerPoint presentations.
So it’s noteworthy that Amazon founder—and new Washington Post owner­­—Jeff Bezos’ proscribes PowerPoint presentations at Amazon.
Bezos instead requires that employees compose 6-page narrative memos, and he starts meetings with quiet reading periods—“study halls”—in which everyone reads the memo from beginning to end.
So the company that is devoted to helping customers do things quick-quick-quick—“1-click ordering,” same-day delivery, the instant download—creates an environment where employees take the time to write and think slowly.


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