Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election night update

Mommypundit and I are over at the gathering for our friend Kevin Triplett tonight who lost his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Rick Boucher for Virginia's Ninth District. Kevin very graciously conceded to the Congressman earlier this evening. He does not know what the future holds but God certainly knows what He has in store for the Triplett family. Kevin has at least made it clear that he plans to stay here.

When the votes are all counted, Congressman Boucher will have won again by a large margin but by the narrowest margin (at least for him) in recent memory.

There are some that will ask whether all the effort was worth it. I believe it was. I've believed from the beginning that it was possible for Kevin to win. I don't regret one minute I've spent volunteering for the campaign. It's been an exciting time and I'm glad that I had the chance to share this experience with my family.

Now our prayers are focused on the other races still to be decided. We'll continue to update through the night as results come in.

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