Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Baseball and Steroids

Former Major League slugger Jose Canseco is making news this week as he is plugging his new book "Juiced" in which he claims that steroid use was common among major league baseball players.

I have not read his book nor watched his interviews on 60 Minutes so I do not know how credible he is. However, Skip Bayless of ESPN thinks that Canseco's disclosures are a good thing for baseball.

Will Carroll from All-Baseball.com has read the book and seen the interview and has a couple of questions for Jose. (Hat tip: Baseball Musings)

I do believe that baseball has a serious issue on its hands with the rampant allegations of steroid use. Maybe Bud Selig would be wise to come out a make a statement like this one suggested by Mark Daniels.

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