Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Quick Takes

It's Friday, which means it's time for another edition of quick takes. Here are the highlights from my blogroll surfing during the week:

Kudos to Johnathan Last at the Weekly Standard for tapping into the writing talent of the blogosphere. In addition to the Powerline guys and Hugh Hewitt, they now have Ed Morissey (a.k.a. Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters) writing about the Eason Jordan blogstorm. (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)

Lockjaw's Lair has a great post comparing the MSM and the blogsophere and how they treat the news. (Hat tip: Polipundit)

Rebecca At The New York Minute Blog has a great post entitled "Free Speech Isn't Free" and makes a compelling case for homeschooling children.

Jim Jewell and Rick Brady at Stones Cry Out have been debating over whether Senate Republicans should exercise the so-called "nuclear option" to prevent Democratic filibusters of judicial nominees. Jim's take is here and Rick's response is here.

New blogroll addition: The New York Minute Blog. Rebecca has a lot of great insights and her blog is worth checking regularly.

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