Thursday, February 24, 2005

Quick Takes

I normally do this type of post on Fridays but I'm off from work tomorrow and will be travelling out of town over the weekend. I might have a chance to blog a little over the weekend and will post if I find the time to write. In the meantime, submitted for your consideration are the following links.

Blogs for Terri, AllThings2All, and Wittenberg Gate are the places to check in on the latest developments in the Terri Schiavo case. Captain Ed looks at the bigger picture in a post entitled "Schiavo Case Points Out the Spiritual Death of Modern Society".

David Limbaugh asks whether blogs are out to destroy Old Media? Personally, I think the Old Media (also known as mainstream media) do a fine job of destroying themselves without any help from the blogosphere. But the question of whether blogs are intentionally trying to destroy the Old Media is an interesting question worth mulling over.

Aaron Earls, one of my blog partners over at Two or Three (.net) has been doing some theological blogging with his posts Hell as a Moral Option and Exclusivity of Christianity related to other religions. Dan Sinclair, my other blog partner, has two posts on Christianity and Healing Depression (part 1 and part 2).

JT at Between Two Worlds has an interesting post on The Emergent Church.

Jim at The Rooftop Blog has a terrific essay on The Supreme Court and Eminent Domain. He's absolutely right that we better start paying attention to these types of cases or we're going to find that our property rights have been taken away by the courts.

Stacy Harp from MediaSoul has started a new blog called Mind and Media which she is using as a way to promote films, books, and other media throughout the blogosphere. (Hat tip: Wallo World).

Drew at Stones Cry Out has a great post on Sanctity of Life as the #1 Moral Problem in America.

Wallo World has this week's Christian Carnival. As always there are lots of good posts worth reading.

Kevin Kennedy has written a great essay on why spring is the most wonderful time in baseball. (Hat tip: Mark Daniels)

Thanks to Rick Brady at Stones Cry Out for plugging our group blog Two or Three (.net).

Blogroll changes: I've separated the blogs that link here and other blogs that are worthwhile that I read on a regular basis. New additions to the reciprocal blogroll this week are The Haughty Politic and Pickled Pundit. I've also added The Anchoress and Wittenberg Gate to my regular reads.

And be sure to check out our group blog at Two or Three (.net).

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