Thursday, February 10, 2005

Eason Jordan Update

Congratulations to blog friend LaShawn Barber who is now contributing over at Easongate. She's been on top of this story since the beginning. Today she asks an important question: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

First, I believe that there are bloggers who want to "get" Eason Jordan, i.e. put the pressure on CNN to fire him or put enough pressure on Jordan that he will resign. I doubt either is going to happen.

Therefore, bloggers should continue to dig for the truth by talking to eyewitnesses and pushing for the release of the videotape of the proceedings.

Slowly there are media outlets that are starting to report this story. Easongate has links to Joe Scarborough's commentary on MSNBC and a discussion on Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume.

Marvin Olasky also uncovers the reason why Jordan may have made his remarks at Davos in today's column on

Bloggers have reported the story extensively, often accusing Jordan of giving aid and comfort to terrorists and their appeasers. This is the type of story that's harder to cover than one in which dollars clearly change hands, but it may be a more subtle form of bribery. Fox is beating CNN in the United States, but CNN is No. 1 around the world and wants to stay that way. What better way than to kiss up to Europeans and Middle Easterners than by telling them what they want to believe about those awful Americans?

UPDATE: Bret Stephens, who was in the audience at Davos when Jordan made his remarks, has this account today at

UPDATE #2: DJ Drummond over at Stolen Thunder weighs in with his thoughts on the Bret Stephens article.

Senator Chris Dodd (who was in the audience at Davos) and Senator George Allen have called for release of the videotape. (Hat tip: LaShawn Barber)

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