Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Posts Worth Reading

Some interesting stuff from surfing the blogroll this morning:

Lorie Bryd poses an interesting question: Why the Silence? The one group of people that has benefited the most from the liberation efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq have arguably been women. Why haven't womens rights groups such as NOW been applauding our efforts in these countries?

James Jewell has an interesting piece on this week's inauguration. As always, his blog is worth reading.

One of the newest additions to my blogroll has been Wittingshire which is run by Jonathan and Amanda Witt. Jonathan is a Senior Fellow and Writer in Residence at the Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture. He frequently posts on evolution and Intelligent Design among other subjects. On Sunday, the Albuquerque Journal ran this op-ed that Jonathan wrote about a local PBS affiliate's refusal to run a documentary skeptical of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Tim Challies has another giveaway at his blog. Click here to find out more. When you enter, be sure to use referral ID 21085.

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