Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Tsunami and God - Part 4

James Jewell over at The Rooftop Blog offers his thoughts on the tsunami and God in this post. An excerpt:

Where was God when the worst single-day natural disaster in history devastated the Indian Ocean rim, with horrific human consequences?

I believe the right answer is that God was on his throne, God was everywhere, God was available to the villager struggling for life, opening his arms to the dying child, and in the midst of the horror, God was in tears.

The questions are understandable because the power was so overwhelming only God could be seen in the waves. But where were the critics every day when the world was a beautiful place, when a child is born, when love is real, when life is good, when there is peace in the land? God is there, too, in the victories, the joys, and the everyday order of life. But our world often sees Him only in the fury.

Be sure to read the whole thing and follow his links to the other posts he mentions.

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