Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Links 1-13-14

Good morning! Here is a collection of links to help start your week off right. In today's edition: Brothers Grimm fairy tales come to life, redesigning World War II London, school wasn't canceled in 1882, and more.


A neat collection of photographs that make you think you've stepped into one of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales:

Photo by Kilian Schönberger 

Buyer beware: 17 ways stores make you spend more money. Good stuff to keep in mind while shopping.


Neat History: how wartime London was redesigned to fool German bombers during World War II.

This lamp post was repainted black and white (among other things) to fool German bomber crews.

10 pieces of cool Jane Austen swag.

Jane Austen coasters

A story from Laura Ingalls Wilder's These Happy Golden Years (second to last in the Little House series) proves that we have all gone soft when it comes to dealing with cold weather. (Hat tip: Challies)


Point-counterpoint: Thom Rainer offers 7 tips for introvert leaders while Ed Stetzer responds with his own 3 tips for extrovert leaders.

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