Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daily Links 1-14-14

In today's link roundup: how Malcolm Gladwell returned to faith, what we might not notice while watching Downton Abbey, know your Bible translations, and more.


Malcolm Gladwell shares his journey on a return to faith while writing his latest book David and Goliath:

When I was writing my book David and Goliath, I went to see a woman in Winnipeg by the name of Wilma Derksen. 
Thirty years before, her teenage daughter, Candace, had disappeared on her way home from school. The city had launched the largest manhunt in its history, and after a week, Candace’s body was found in a hut a quarter of a mile from the Derksen’s house. Her hands and feet had been bound. 
Wilma and her husband Cliff were called in to the local police station and told the news.
Candace’s funeral was the next day, followed by a news conference. Virtually every news outlet in the province was there because Candace’s disappearance had gripped the city. 
“How do you feel about whoever did this to Candace?” a reporter asked the Derksens. 
“We would like to know who the person or persons are so we could share, hopefully, a love that seems to be missing in these people’s lives,” Cliff said. 
Wilma went next. “Our main concern was to find Candace. We’ve found her.” She went on: “I can’t say at this point I forgive this person,” but the stress was on the phrase at this point. “We have all done something dreadful in our lives, or have felt the urge to.” 
I wanted to know where the Derksens found the strength to say those things. A sexual predator had kidnapped and murdered their daughter, and Cliff Derksen could talk about sharing his love with the killer and Wilma could stand up and say, “We have all done something dreadful in our lives, or have felt the urge to.” Where do two people find the power to forgive in a moment like that?
Be sure to read the whole thing.


Dr. Albert Mohler warns us to not miss the larger story that was taking place during the time of Downton Abbey which is not being fully portrayed on screen.


A handy graphic guide to Bible translations.


Word games: 7 words that came about because people kept saying them wrong.


One writer's list of the 30 best period dramas of the last 30 years. Since we watch more than our fair share of these, here are our favorites from this list  in no particular order (we haven't seen all 30 listed);

Sense and Sensibility
Daniel Deronda
Bleak House
The Young Victoria
Wives and Daughters
Little Dorrit
Pride and Prejudice
North and South


How wealthy was George Washington? Historians at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation try to answer this question.

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