Saturday, March 26, 2005

Does Judge Greer Have A Conflict of Interest?

Newsmax reports that Judge George Greer received a $250 campaign contribution from Michael Schiavo's attorney one day after declaring "Terri's Law", the statute passed by the Florida legislature in order to save Terri Schiavo, unconstitutional.

The Anchoress is reporting that under Florida ethics rules a judge who receives a campaign contribution from an attorney in a case he presides over is not required to recuse himself. She goes on to point out:

Nevertheless, a contribution can establish the appearance of impropriety, and the state's code of judicial conduct requires a judge to remove himself in such a case. (Emphasis in original post)

While this story does not entirely explain Judge Greer's insistence that Terri be murdered, it does constitute the appearance of impropriety. The appropriate thing for Judge Greer to have done would be to remove himself from the case. It's not too late for Judge Greer to do the right thing.

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