Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Schiavo Protocol and Servanthood

AnotherThink has an excellent post on Terri Schiavo's situation and the call for servanthood from her husband. (Hat tip: Evangelical Outpost). He shares the story of another couple in a much more serious predicament except with one difference: the husband shows servant love towards his ailing wife.

As you can probably tell in my previous posts on this situation, Michael Schiavo's behavior makes me angry. I find it difficult to comprehend how a supposedly loving husband can treat his wife the way he has treated Terri throughout her illness. I'm not just speaking about the recent legal manuvers to have her feeding tube removed so that she can be starved to death. I'm talking about years of denying her rehabilitation, medical treatment, and other simpler comforts that would make her more comfortable and increase the chances of her recovery.

A loving husband would make sure that his wife got everything that she needed in order to be comfortable and would campaign tirelessly to ensure she gets all appropriate medical treatment even if the doctors are unwilling to give it to her.

As AnotherThink describes it, the Schiavo Protocol is a dangerous step along the path to euthanasia. We need to be careful in making these types of decisions making sure to err on the side of life. But more importantly, we need to serve one another in love.

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