Saturday, March 05, 2005

Now in the Interview Chair....

Please welcome Winston from peaceful chaos to the interview chair. Winston is 20 years old and an aspiring filmmaker.

Winston, here are your questions:

1. As an aspiring filmmaker, what role do you see for Christians in the arts and particularly in the area of filmmaking?

2. Apart from the Bible, what book that you have read has had the greatest influence on you?

3. What are the films that most influenced you in your decision to become a filmmaker?

4. Which do you prefer: baseball or football? Why?

5. If you had the opportunity to have dinner with any three people (apart from Jesus, living or dead) who would they be?

If you would like to be interviewed by me, please respond in the comments of this post. I'll give you five questions to answer on your blog and you post the answers on your blog. Then send me the link and I'll link to them here.

UPDATE: Winston has posted his answers here. Thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to interview him.

Coming interview with The Anchoress.

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